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The effectiveness of foot reflexology

Fertility and Sterility

Observation of the clinical effects on perimenopausal syndrome treated with the transcutaneous electrostimulation at Shuitu (ST 10) and the seed-pressure therapy at the auricular points.

Auric perimenopausal syndrome

Auriculotherapy for sleep quality in people with primary insomnia: A protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Auric sleep quality

Piega diagonale del lobo dell'orecchio: possibile significato come fattore di rischio cardio-vascolare e sua relazione con l'agopuntura dell'orecchio.

Auric piega diagonale

The effectiveness of foot reflexotherapy on chronic pain associated with a herniated disk.

RP chronic pain associated with a herniated disk

A Systematic Review of the Literature on Health and Wellness Coaching: defining a Key Behavioral intervention in Healthcare

A Systematic Review of the Literature 

Coaching by design: exploring a new approach to faculty development in a competency-based medical education curriculum

Coaching by design

Coaching and/or education intervention for parents with overweight/obesity and their children: study protocol of a single-centre randomized controlled trial

Coaching and/or education intervention 

The Impact of Telephonic Wellness Coaching on Weight Loss: A “Natural Experiments for Translation in Diabetes (NEXT-D)” Study

The Impact of Telephonic Wellness Coaching 

380 Reflexology Research Studies Listed by Category:.

380 studi di ricerca di riflessologia divise per categoria 

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